Communication Between Genders

Communicating with the opposite gender presents fear and difficulty for many individuals, but there are measures that one can take to feel at ease when talking to the opposite sex. First of all, one must consider that even the opposite gender has similar goals and feelings. Foremost, people wish to be happy and to feel at ease with others. Most people, male or female, strive to get along and will go out of their way to help the other speaker feel good about himself or herself.

It is perfectly acceptable today for women and men to converse at great length. The genders are no longer segregated in contemporary society because each gender benefits from listening to the opposite gender. Getting to know others’ points of view is helpful no matter what one’s goals might be. All the same, remnants of the idea that genders are very different continue to create fears. The reality is that people basically have opinions shaped by their upbringing and exposure to ideas, and it so happens that people of differing genders often share common values that create the basis for a pleasant discussion.

It is sometimes a challenge to get the conversation off the ground. As with any conversation, one can begin with a question about the weather or a hobby. This is a respectful way to let the other person know that the speaker is interested in carrying on a conversation. A question is a respectful formality that works well as an icebreaker.

The opposite gender will also enjoy knowing that the speaker wants to know more about him or her. It is important to ask questions and show genuine interest in the other person. In many cases one will find that the other gender shares the same values. When shared values and interests emerge, two genders will conduct delightful discourse. If communicators do not share the same values, they will need to be respectful of one another’s differing views in order to communicate effectively.

Certainly, people exist who hold Biased opinions against genders. Those individuals will benefit from discovering that the two genders have similarities. Those who are discriminatory against the opposite sex will not conduct an effective communication session. After all, conversation between two or more individuals is all about getting to know one another, having fun, and learning.

Another tip for communicating with the opposite gender entails trying to see the other person’s point of view. It might help to paraphrase the other person’s words in order to show that one is actively listening to the other. Rather than focusing upon one’s own next words, communicators will benefit from simply relaxing while absorbing the other person’s ideas. After all, there is so much to learn, and If gender is a form of diversity, true communicators will discover the joys of mixed-gender conversation.


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