Creative Uses of an Old Picture Frame

We all use picture frames at our homes. Like many other things, these frames get old with the time. Usually we do not like putting these old frames in display. Now, the question arises what to do with old photo frames? Instead of throwing these frames away in the garbage, we can make better use of them. In this article, I am going to discuss five most creative uses of an old picture frame. Hope, you will like them and find them useful.

Picture Frames as a Jewelry Box: Yes, we can use a picture frame as a jewelry box. It has two advantages. First, you will get a storage box for your pictures and second, you can put your jewelry in the display with the use of a photo frame. With the glass coating, it will provide your jewelry with extra protection.

Use as a Message/News board: If you are going to use a frame as a news board, you may need to do some work with it. Photo frame has the shape similar to a news board so it can easily be used for the purpose. If you are using this in your home, a small or medium-sized frame will do the task, but if you are going to use at the workplace, you will need a large frame.

Picture frame as a Calendar: Now, this requires some serious work. You cannot simply use an existing frame as a calendar, but you will need to make some improvements to convert your frame into a calendar. There are two ways of doing it. You can either design a calendar on the frame, or you can use an existing calendar page and glue it to the frame. I prefer the first option.

Small Storage: Just like a jewelry box, you can also use your photo frame as a general storage box or a toolbox for any purpose. I am using my old photo frames to store my auto tools, and I have many of them.

Picture frame as a tray: We can also use a photo frame as a tray to serve tea, and/or food or to arrange books/newspapers in stack. Though it is not a very common idea and many people may even consider it weird, but it is helpful in the case of an emergency, or you can design the picture frame to make a beautiful tray.

There are many other ways in which you can use an old picture frame. It is always a good idea to make reuse of things and not throwing them away. I have already discussed the top five uses of an old photo frame. If you have more ideas, you can share them in comments.


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